Science Day


The young explorers of DLF World School have done it yet again! On the Science Day, celebrated on 2nd August, 2019, the Delfites turned into talented researchers demonstrating their various self-made scientific projects. Students from Class VI-X came up with solo or group experiments and presented the same to students and peers from classes IV-X. While to students of Class IV and V, it was more of a magical and joyful peer-learning experience, encouraging them to enhance their scientific skills further, for the senior students it was more of an understanding of different concepts by visual and practical demonstration. Some of the many experiments showcased were the water filter for rain-water harvesting, food test, use of solar energy as a renewable source of energy for various purposes by Class VI, modernized versions of an electric bell, electromagnet, electric quiz board, periscope, pin-hole camera and Newton’s disc, effect of daily pollution on human respiratory system, by Class VII, importance of hover craft, blind spot and important microorganism by Class VIII, advanced electrolysis techniques, modern vaccines and their importance and heart and its functions by Class IX-X. The experiments were set up in the school Integrated Laboratory. The headmistress appreciated the students for their wonderful endeavor and motivated them to keep up their performance for more such presentations in future. Overall it was a fun-filled learning day for teachers, students, one and all.