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Excursion and Visits

Keeping Parents Informed DLWS organizes various outdoor activities like Trekking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, etc.
The adventurous courses are divided into three phases - Pre-Adventure Phase, Adventure Phase and Post-Adventure Phase.

Opportunities to learn in Different Situations – “we will take the students out of the four walls of the classroom, and bring the outside world into it…” The students across all age groups will be visiting places as diverse as the Lal Quila, Parliament Museum, National Museum of Natural History, Nehru Planetarium, Railway Museum , Bio-Diversity Park, World of Wonders, India Gate, Gandhi Smriti, Mother Dairy, the Dolls’ Museum and Bal Bhavan.

DLWS organizes various outdoor activities like Trekking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering and Adventurous Courses. The adventurous courses are divided into three phases-Pre-Adventure Phase, Adventure Phase and Post-Adventure Phase.

During the Pre-Adventure Phase, students are made familiar with the various environmental issues pertaining to the place to be visited. Children will be shown Presentations on the bio-diversity of the place and the natural resources available. They are motivated to explore about the place through various resources like books and internet. This environmental education prepares them to face the challenges more confidently.

During the Visits, apart from participating in the adventure, students will make notes of their observation of the place including special natural resources of the area. Children learn and write the same.

Post Adventure Phase, students are given Assignments, Worksheets, Tests based on their visit which strengthens their learning and makes it a learning experience. The learning is incorporated with their existing topics in the related subjects and thus Environment Education is rendered in the best possible way.

Parents - Partner in Education

Parents Teacher
Keeping Parents Informed
  • ● School annual report
  • ● Bi-Annual Newsletter- DLWS Times
  • ● SMS and E-Mails
  • ● Providing Forum to Parents for Making a complaint
  • ● Counseling Cell for Parents
  • ● Workshop for Concerned Parents by Field Experts around India like Dr. Aruna Broota

“Parents play a key role in building not only an empowered home environment but contribute to a powerful school environment too.”The school runs on the philosophy: Behind Every Parent Stands the School, Behind the Teacher, the Home

The School encourages a spirit of partnership with Parents and all Parents see themselves as important stakeholders of school. The School involves the parents through projects such as Show-n-Tell A Home School Partnership Project, Parent Orientation Programs for New Parents, Special Awards for Parents and Parent Volunteers Share School Responsibility

Talent Explorations

The school seeks to provide children with ‘experiences’ that enable them to develop their skills.

The school seeks to provide children with ‘experiences’ that enable them to develop their skills. This holistic, child-centered approach finds expression in a multitude of activities – with every Delfite given the opportunity to identify their passion, may it be in performing & creative arts or sports.

The children go through different forms of performing arts and sports from class 1 onwards. Upon reaching class 4 they have their preferred performing art form and sport which is then pursued more aggressively with the help of trainers from their respective field.

Global Connect

Global Connect
The International Alliances include : -
  • ● Alliances Franciase de Delhi
  • ● Sports for All Busan Association (SABA)
  • ● University of Cambridge, UK, through ESOL.
  • ● World council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI)

As school where it’s easy to be a citizen of the world, Because you’re at home with whom you are.The school is committed to creating a world class global environment with a well rounded curriculum embedded with international visits & projects, exchange programs and virtual meets.

Yoga and Meditation

The school’s objective is to catch the children at an early age for the holistic synchronization of body, mind and soul helping them to be what they potentially are.

Creating a roadmap where in our children adopt the 3 important precepts of life… Morality, Mastery over the mind and Wisdom. Beginning as well as ending each School day with Meditation ensures a happy and fresh start of the day and stress free and peaceful dispersal. With this unique School initiative we aim to raise the Emotional and Spiritual quotient of our students which are crucial components in preparing students NOT simply for WORK but for LIFE ahead. With a balanced amalgamation of Yoga and Meditation as part of the School curriculum and daily classroom activity of young learners, we endeavor to hone students’ intra personal intelligence and make them empowered; emotionally stable individuals who can contribute towards a healthy school environment and society. It also reduces aggression, makes them sensitive and eventually enhances well-being.

The school’ s objective is also to catch the children at an early age for the holistic synchronization of body, mind and soul helping them to be what they potentially are.

We introduce various forms of Yoga which leads to its wider acceptability by an extensive range of young students ensuring their well being and happiness; helping them stay fit and do away with rising syndromes like Hypertension, Stress and more later in life. For students, it’s a path, a value, an alternative that we have given. We are sowing seeds in their impressionable minds, preparing them for a peaceful, happy and good life and above all to become good human beings. We believe our students will draw on these values that are being embedded, when they need them in life.!

Student Social Responsibility

Student Social Responsibility
The Vision behind being SSR is to have:

We call ourselves a school with a soul-where it’s more important to be 'good' rather than just be 'smart'; where the definition of success is to be able to DO MORE for the world than it does for you.

We endeavor to enable in every Delfite an awareness and appreciation of NOT ONLY their RIGHTS but their DUTY equally.

DLWS and all its students patronize GOONJ (A Social Organization working towards the Welfare of Kids). Every student generously donates something for GOONJ on his/her Birthday.

Every class will have a handmade GOONJ box where students generously donate pencils, crayons, old story books etc. On every tenth day of the month, students donate old newspapers to generate FUNDS for GOONJ. Every PTM GOONJ containers are kept on the Prime Location for parents to donate their recyclable belongings. Thus, GOONJ keeps on echoing in our system. The school is a part of various programs of GOONJ like School to School, Vastradaan Samman, Ban Crackers Campaign, RAHAT Flood Campaign and Cloth for Work.