Yoga and Meditation

“Working towards greater emotional and spiritual intelligence through Yoga and Meditation”


Objective of the initiative

Creating a roadmap where in our children adopt the 3 important precepts of life… Morality, Mastery over the mind and Wisdom.
Beginning as well as ending each School day with Meditation ensures a happy and fresh start of the day and stress free and peaceful dispersal. With this unique School initiative we aim to raise the Emotional and Spiritual quotient of our students which are crucial components in preparing students NOT simply for WORK but for LIFE ahead. With a balanced amalgamation of Yoga and Meditation as part of the School curriculum and daily classroom activity of young learners, we endeavor to hone students’ intra personal intelligence and make them empowered; emotionally stable individuals who can contribute towards a healthy school environment and society. It also reduces aggression, makes them sensitive and eventually enhances well-being.

The school’ s objective is also to catch the children at an early age for the holistic synchronization of body, mind and soul helping them to be what they potentially are.

We introduce various forms of Yoga which leads to its wider acceptability by an extensive range of young students ensuring their well being and happiness; helping them stay fit and do away with rising syndromes like Hypertension, Stress and more later in life. For students, it’s a path, a value, an alternative that we have given. We are sowing seeds in their impressionable minds, preparing them for a peaceful, happy and good life and above all to become good human beings. We believe our students will draw on these values that are being embedded, when they need them in life.!