Student Social Responsibility
It's more important to be 'Good' rather than just be 'Smart'..!

We call ourselves a school with a soul-where it’s more important to be 'good' rather than just be 'smart'; where the definition of success is to be able to DO MORE for the world than it does for you.

As a school we move closer to our societal objective of taking on the responsibility of the larger world around us. We will consistently channelize our children’s innate abilities to make positive contributions to the well being of their peers, family & community commemorated by celebrating grandparents day, caretakers day where the respective members are thanked for enhancing their day to day life. This in turn will help us enhance their sense of identity. Our Delfites are aware that they are not helpless beneficiaries of society. Rather they look at themselves as change agents. DLWS aims at triggering a keen sense of selfless service towards the society in the students. The various initiatives achieved so far have been- Placements of trash bins in the school buses, launch of Cleanliness Drives including Cleanliness Walks in surrounding areas, extending help to those in need, visiting Blood Banks and more. On the same premise we have conceptualized the SSR – the Student Social Responsibility.

The Vision behind being SSR is to have:


We endeavor to enable in every Delfite an awareness and appreciation of NOT ONLY their RIGHTS but their DUTY equally.

The children constructively channelize their energy and potential, to go and spend 'productive’ time in the community. They reach out to the invisible members of society-the elderly, the underprivileged and children with special learning disabilities. The students teach both children and adults, contribute to health promotion activities, and visit the homes of the less privileged. The objective is to change the perception of children being 'helpless’ to seeing children as 'Drivers of Change’. Children take ACTIONS to change this world for BETTER. The children carry out projects like – converting waste dump outside their school into a garden, stopping child marriages etc.

DLWS and all its students patronize GOONJ (A Social Organization working towards the Welfare of Kids). Every student generously donates something for GOONJ on his/her Birthday.

Every class will have a handmade GOONJ box where students generously donate pencils, crayons, old story books etc. On every tenth day of the month, students donate old newspapers to generate FUNDS for GOONJ. Every PTM GOONJ containers are kept on the Prime Location for parents to donate their recyclable belongings. Thus, GOONJ keeps on echoing in our system.

The school is a part of various programs of GOONJ like:

  • School to School
  • Vastradaan Samman
  • Ban Crackers Campaign
  • RAHAT Flood Campaign
  • Cloth for Work
  • Not just a piece of Cloth
  • Turning waste into Rescue

Towards the Welfare of the Less-Privileged Children.