Darbari Lal Foundation School

Sports at DLWS are not isolated from other aspects of student life but incorporated in our holistic curriculum.

Sporting Values such as team work, self-control, discipline, courage, self-confidence, perseverance, coordination & co-operation, determination and a sense of belongingness are instilled among the children through a wide range of games and sports.
After School coaching is also provided in all the sports.

Table Tennis

We help them learn how to improve your playing skills, choose your table tennis equipment, get to grips with the rules and discover more about this fantastic sport.

Soccer (Football) & Cricket

Soccer (Football): We help them learn how to dribble, how to pass, how to shoot, how to think about moving off the ball, how to defend, heading the ball, how to juggle, how to take corner kicks and free kicks, knowing the Rules of the Game and discover more about this fantastic sport.

Cricket: We help them learn how to bat, how to bowl, how to catch, how to throw, how to field and more about this fantastic sport.

Exclusive Play Station

An exclusive Play Station for Pre-primary and Primary students equipped with colorful swings

Olympics Size Skating Rink

Olympics Size Skating Rink equipped with goal posts for Hockey

Synthetic Flex Tennis Courts

Synthetic Flex Tennis courts with the provision of flood lighting