A Caring School

DLFWS truly exemplifies its credo of being ‘a school with a soul’

DLFWS believes that little tokens of admiration propel children to explore more avenues of their own potential!

“Smiley”a token of appreciation, does this in its own unique way. A Smiley attempts to say - You have done a good job !

A “Goodwill Piggy Bank” keeps a deposit of compliments given by the children to each other after being helped in need! The helping hands and the ones who acknowledge others help are regularly appreciated.

"Recognition Day"

Believing that “every child is a star and deserves to twinkle”, each child is celebrated for having special qualities by awarding a certificate on the school’s heartwarming “Recognition Day”.

"Children Day"

Children are inculcated with the thought that real success lies in giving back more to the world than one takes from it. The school has laid out ‘Student Social Responsibility’ (SSR) guidelines for all students to follow. These span a gamut of activities like community work and environmental campaigns that lead to positive behavioral change and bring about socially responsible children as future citizens.

Celebration of Festivals

Celebration of Festivals: All festivals are celebrated together with vigor and vitality to inculcate an understanding of the rich diversity of Indian culture. Various programs are organized by the school to promote the feeling of affinity and kinship.

Caring for Others

Caring for others : We strongly believe in bridging the generational gap and establishing family bonds by celebrating Grandparents Day. Also at DLFWS they are taught to show humility towards the Staff workers by celebrating Care Taker’s Day.