Parents –
Partner In Education


“Parents play a key role in building not only an empowered home environment but contribute to a powerful school environment too.”The school runs on the philosophy: Behind Every Parent Stands the School, Behind the Teacher, the Home

The School encourages a spirit of partnership with Parents and all Parents see themselves as important stakeholders of school. The School involves the parents in the following ways:

Some Special Programs for Parents : -

Parents Conferred with the Feel Proud cards for the Good Work Done by their Children
Every year, Parents are invited to a special Feel Proud card Conferral ceremony where the child and his parents, jointly receive from the school the Feel Proud cards as a reward to the acts of goodness done by the student.

Show-n-Tell A Home School Partnership Project
Show-n-Tell are essentially a Home School Partnership project where parents and children think together of something new to share with the class once a week. Parents prepare the children with anything special to them; it can be a piece of poem, a new song learnt at home, a new book that the parents have gifted, a new toy, children’s favorite game and numerous such things or acts.

Parent Orientation Programs for New Parents
In order to enable parents to view education in the same perspective as does the school so that together they would be able to offer the child a secure environment towards his holistic development, new parents are oriented with the school’s educational philosophy and its expectations from them. The objective behind is to ensure a smooth ongoing process of learning with maximum parental involvement.

Special Awards for Parents
Parents who show support to the school and contribute to the execution and implementation of school programs will be awarded during the Annual Day Function of the school, every year.

Celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Parent Volunteers Share School Responsibility
Parents are invited be part of the school through various classroom supplementary activities like: -

  • Substituting teachers on leave
  • Accompanying students to trips and competitions
  • Taking value added sessions
  • Becoming surrogate teachers
  • Mentoring for various competitions as Arts/Craft/ Science.

Workshops Conducted “BY” Parents
Parents too, can conduct resourceful workshops for school children on several occasions. The school believes in harnessing their expertise in diverse fields to give practical exposure to students in various domains.

Equipped Parents Support School
Some parents who are placed at resourceful positions and are equipped to deliver support to the school, will be requested to extend their assistance whenever required. They could support the school in organizing educational visits, campaigns and various workshops in the school campus.

Keeping Parents Informed
The School provides many formal and informal opportunities for parents to find out about their children’s progress at school. Some of these include: -

  • Reports on student performance
  • Parent- Teacher Association Meetings
  • School annual report
  • Bi-Annual Newsletter- DLWS Times
  • Keeping Informed and Involved through Letters
  • Circulars and Notices
  • SMSs and E-Mails
  • Providing Forum to Parents for Making a complaint
  • Counseling Cell for Parents
  • Parents Address their Concerns to the Field Experts in India – DR. Aruna Broota in an Interactive Session with parents on Annual Day.