Dr. Rakesh Khullar

The visionary behind the school, Shri Rakesh Khullar, has been gifted with his father Shri Darbari Lal’s sharp mind and keen intellect. He is an active environmentalist, and has initiated various environmental projects including tree plantation in Ghaziabad under the 'Clean Green Ghaziabad' venture, a DLWS resolution in the new millennium. He has also set up the Apney Charitable Foundation and shares the school infrastructure, campus and other facilities with the less-privileged.

A graduate from Hans Raj College, Delhi, Shri Khullar is a Chartered Accountant by profession from I.C.A.I., New Delhi. He is also a member of the DAV College Management Trust that manages DAV institutions all over India. An avid sportsman himself, Shri Khullar is the Chairman of DLF Sports Academy and is the visionary and inspiration behind its swift progress. He sports a positive attitude, even in the worst of situations and instills the same in others.

Dr. Mrignaini
Executive Director

Dr. Mrignaini has been the founder Principal of DLF PUBLIC SCHOOL and presently, a futurist Executive Director whose enthusiasm, passion and warm guidance have placed the school amongst TOP 10 MOST RESPECTED SCHOOLS of INDIA(Ref. Education World Sep., 2011 issue). She is a doctorate in Polymer Chemistry and has published various research papers in leading international journals. She has evolved as a great educationist and thoughtful administrator providing competent leadership to the students and faculty in achieving their ideals. She is the great stabilizing force of the school and has established good practices in the multi dimensional school disciplines. She doesn’t just confine herself to have a vision, but also shares it and relentlessly drives it to completion. She has been central to shaping the school ideology with her tremendous sense of dedication and humanistic approach.

Mrs. Seema Jerath
Member, DLWS Managing Committee

Mrs. Seema Jerath has been the Principal of DLF PUBLIC SCHOOL since 1998. She is also the Vice-Chairperson of the 2nd Sahodya School Complex- Ghaziabad Chapter. She was one of the CBSE master Trainers and has conducted CCE (Continuous Comprehensive evaluation) Workshops for over 300 school principals across the nation and is a guest faculty at IGNOU. With 24 years of profound teaching and administrative experience, she has brought in immense innovation in pedagogy across her school. Known for her creative and unique initiatives, she has made the school a trendsetter in the area. Her personal power is visible when interpreted in terms of the rate at which she is able to transform her vision into reality. Her deep interest in teaching prompted her to explore a new genre of teaching pedagogy and educational practices leading to the development of a child-centered curriculum that is activity oriented; placing DLF PUBLIC SCHOOL at the 7th rank across India for its unique and impactful Academic programme (Ref. Education World Sep., 2012 issue). She has designed educational material to implement the curriculum and has also authored 25 resourceful books for parents, teachers and students.

She has applied the principles of “learning by doing” to older students and even adults. She has also coordinated for the Early Education Development Programme (EEDP), which works to add fun to education and has been conducting teacher programmesfor the last 15 years across India and abroad.

Mrs. Jerath has, over the years, continually attempted to learn, grow and reinvent herself in a rapidly changing educational scenario and has re-written her school’s vision-mission so as to sow the seeds for transformation that will meet the needs of the 21st century; her aim being creating a 'thinking' school that will create a 'learning' people.

Under her leadership, the school has been on a continuous, uninterrupted spiral of development and progress; celebrated and acknowledged with numerous accolades.

Ms. Anupam Singh

Mrs Anupam Singh is an innovative and forward thinking educator with an experience of multiple schools across the country giving an understanding to multicultural values. A dynamic, creative and dedicated education professional, with both teaching and administrative experience.Proven leadership abilities with a track record of establishing and nurturing strong working relationships with students, parents and faculty members. She started her career as a Nursery teacher and believes that “Children are our inspiration, each holds promise for our future”

Her outlook as a sports and adventurous person having an exposure from scuba diving to powered flying gives her a unique ability to inspire and motivate children to reach out and extend the envelope of their capabilities. She is a multi talented teacher, who has always excelled in the tasks ranging across the wide spectrum of all the school co curricular activities. Her persona rubs off on one and all alike to create a wonderful learning environment.