Shri Darbari Lal Ji

15th January 1930 - 16th May 1995

Shri DarbariLalJi was a visionary and a leading light in the field of education. He was born on 15th January 1930. His birthday shall be celebrated as school Founder’s Day. Words cannot describe nor do justice to the greatness and wisdom of this great man. He was like a sweet melody; the music of his intellect still reverberates in the form of his ideologies and principles. The school takes great pride in the fact that it has been founded in his auspicious memory. He sailed into the spiritual world on 16th May 1995 and mingled with the holy as that is where he belonged.

Run by Darbari Lal Foundation, the school takes more than just the initials of the founder for its name it exemplifies the true spirit of value-based education that Babuji tirelessly espoused all his life. Darbari Lal Foundation World School, day boarding school in greater noida, strives to give every student the balanced learning that he dreamt of, by blending Indian cultural values with the finest in modern curriculum. The school endeavors to better itself with each step to reach excellence by looking inwards to excel outwards.