Inspired Teachers and Engaged Learners

At DLF World School, the educator is a perpetual learner and not a learned, the rationale being- So long as I live, I learn! Our teachers are looked upon as both mentors and facilitators. They make learning a pleasant and memorable experience and are well-qualified, motivated and passionate about their work. They are proficient in using modern technology through a proper lesson planning methodology for classroom learning, assignments and evaluation. A good teacher-student ratio of 1:10 will enable the teachers to monitor closely the progress of each child in the class.

The focus is not only on improving student learning and achievement in scholastic areas but also on co-scholastic, emotional and social development of the children, enhancement of abilities of the individual teachers and capacity building of the international school at large.

Peer learning from educators of other countries, exchange of best practices through interaction with foreign delegates and invitees, participation in state, national and international teacher-specific competitions and attending empowering meditation camps is a part of the continuing growth and development process of teachers. Corporate training and orientation programs, seminars, workshops, membership to online global educational initiatives, training by CBSE and other leading educational institutions is a continual value addition. With this resourceful teacher program, DLWS is committed to 'looking inwards to grow outwards'.